Miami Dolphins 2023 and 2024 draft picks after Chubb trade

The Miami Dolphins will enter the 2023 NFL Draft without a first-round pick for the 2nd year in a row but that isn’t a bad thing if Bradley Chubb works out.

Miami moved the pick to the Broncos on Tuesday for the standout outside linebacker as they ramp up to make a run for the postseason. Now, we can sit back and not have to wonder what the Dolphins would have done with the draft pick and instead focus on what they still have to spend in the draft.

In 2023, Miami would have had two first-round selections but one was forfeited due to the NFL’s investigation into Stephen Ross and Tom Brady. So what’s left? Let’s take a look.

2023 draft picks

  • 1 – 2nd round pick
  • 2 – 3rd round picks
  • 1 – 6th round pick
  • 1 – 7th round pick

Miami owns an extra 3rd round pick from the trade that sent DeVante Parker to New England. Their 5th-round pick was traded to the 49ers for Jeff Wilson on Tuesday.

There isn’t much for Miami to work with in terms of draft picks but having three selections in rounds two and three isn’t a bad thing.

In 2024, Miami will get back to a more normal-looking draft class. They will have all but their 3rd and 4th round selections in 2024. The 3rd rounder was taken as part of the Ross investigation and the 4th round pick was part of the Chubb trade but they will have selections in every other round.

Overall, Miami has done well with their draft picks turning last year’s first into Tyreek Hill and now Chubb. Despite the cost of contracts, Miami will get far more production from Chubb and we have already seen that with Hill.