In cool news the Miami Dolphins have 2 legit MVP candidates

Tua Tagovailoa Tyreek Hill Miami Dolphins
Tua Tagovailoa Tyreek Hill Miami Dolphins /

This isn’t one of those hyperbolic articles with an off-the-wall headline that is so outlandish that its only purpose is to generate “clicks.” I mean truth be told, every person who has ever written anything wants everyone on the planet and beyond to click on it and read it. So when the term “clickbait” gets thrown around, just realize that even Adam Schefter wants the stuff he creates to be clicked on.

Anyway, I do 100% believe that the Miami Dolphins are currently housing not one but two MVP candidates. I understand that I might be slightly late to the party in proclaiming this but Tyreek Hill and Tua Tagovailoa need to be in the conversation for the Most Valuable Player Award.

What really stinks is that unless Tyreek Hill goes not for 2,000 yards, which he is on pace for that, he’ll have to go for something like 2,400 yards with 15 TDs to ever get it. In the last 21 years, there have only been two players that have won the MVP who weren’t quarterbacks. Those were Adrian Peterson in 2012 and LaDanian Tomlinson back in 2006.

If folks are being honest, Tyreek Hill should absolutely be up near the front for this award. He’s doing something that has never been done before. His numbers have never been done before and that should matter. Like, what else does he need to do?

We all are big boys and girls here and know that the MVP is a quarterback award. Why they haven’t just made a separate best quarterback in the league award and also have the MVP award, I do not know. It be nice though especially when there isn’t a quarterback blowing everybody out of the water like this year.

I think we all figured and probably still do that everyone wants to give the MVP to Josh Allen. Mahomes has won it already and nobody wanted to see Aaron Rodgers win it again, something nobody has to worry about this year.

In the natural happenings of the NFL, it was Allen’s turn to get it and be labeled as the best only to eventually be torn if he doesn’t win the Super Bowl. That’s the natural life cycle of the very best.

And let’s not act like Allen’s stats aren’t worthy of being up there for the MVP. He has 2,403 yards passing with a 19/8 TD/INT ratio. He also has 392 yards rushing and four TDs with that. These are very good numbers.

But they aren’t slam dunk numbers at the halfway point and he is now dealing with an injury that, potentially, could hold him out. I guess we’ll see what happens this week. I would expect him to play on Sunday.

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But the Miami Dolphins have Tua Tagovailoa as well who is playing the best football of his career. And that best football of his career is worthy enough to be in the conversation, the keyword is conversation of MVP talk.

Right now, Tua is either leading or in the top three in just about every metric that exists. Even when the nerds come up with new advanced stats that make zero sense, Tua is right up there.

One of the funnier aspects of Tua’s chances is where you fall on the part where he missed two and a half games. Some say because he missed those games that he can’t be in the MVP conversation yet and others say that because he missed those games and the Miami Dolphins lost that is evidence of why he needs to be in the MVP conversation.

It’s funny because I remember when Peyton Manning missed that one entire season with the neck injury and the Colts won one game that that was evidence that Manning should win MVP. I thought that was hilarious.

There are tons of time and games left to figure this out, but my overall point is that Tyreek Hill and Tua Tagovailo need to be mentioned in the MVP conversation. So does Micha Parsons while we’re at it.

How cool is it that the Miami Dolphins have two guys that are, realistically, in the MVP conversation? I don’t think during my entire viewing of football life anyone was in that conversation. I’m sure Dan Marino was in there in the early 90s but I don’t recall that.

The Miami Dolphins are winning, which is most important obviously, but having these guys doing what they’re doing is fun and I can’t wait to see it unfold and watch people try and say Tyreek Hill doesn’t deserve it.

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