3 sneaky keys to victory for the Miami Dolphins to stay hot vs. Browns

Jeff Wilson Jr Miami Dolphins Mandatory Credit: Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports
Jeff Wilson Jr Miami Dolphins Mandatory Credit: Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Miami Dolphins on defense need to read their keys. This article counts as key reading but they really need to read their keys on the field.

This is a basic key that gets preached every day on the high school field, but it is one that is a must even in the pros. Whatever keys, or players that each defender needs to have their eyes on before and during the play, the defensive players are they need to trust their eyes.

Last week, there were times that the linebackers got out of position because they were flowing the wrong way or they over-scraped and it created a lane. It’s easy to say from my position in NEPA, but everyone needs to worry about their job and not anyone else’s.

If the linebackers are following the guards, then that’s who they are following. Most times, guards take you to the play. If they’re pulling then someone is meeting them in the whole. Backside defenders need to stay home and not dip inside giving up contain to cut-back lanes or bootlegs.

I know this is as technical as I ever spoke on here but remember I am a back-to-back freshmen football champion meaning I am very qualified to tell you what NFL players should be doing.

The Miami Dolphins rank around in the middle of the league when it comes to stopping the run. That low rating is largely due to Lamar Jackson and Justin Fields running all over them so if you want to say that the Dolphins are garbage at stopping running QBs but are decent against running backs, go right ahead.

Chubb and Hunt will get their yards. That will happen. But, that doesn’t mean they have to get 100+ yards. Let Brissett be the guy to beat us. Easier said than done I know but it still needs to happen.