It’s that time of year again: The NFL Mid-Season of No Return Awards

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This NFL award goes to the player who is simply getting too old for this crap. – Tom Brady

I don’t think anyone is too surprised about this piece of hardware going where it’s going. Tom Brady is quite literally playing some of the worst football of his career.

He’s playing the level of football he was playing when he first hit the scene 22 years ago which is ironic because it’s often said that most of us die the way we were born with being treated like a baby. It makes sense if you think about it, trust me on that.

Now, will I be surprised if Tampa Bay and Tom Brady start to go on a run and go on a run where they win games? No, because the NFC South is abysmal. I can easily see the Bucs and Brady winning a few gritty, non-aesthetic games and getting into the playoffs only to win a game or two. I can see that happening.

But you’ll never convince me that if Tom Brady were to have a do-over that he wouldn’t have stayed retired and not come back to play. For a multitude of reasons, I’m sure he would love to not be playing right now.