It’s that time of year again: The NFL Mid-Season of No Return Awards

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This NFL award goes to the person who really has no experience doing what they just got hired to do.- Parks Frazier

The reference is from the scene from Money Ball where Billy fires the scout and hires a kid who never even played baseball to be the next head scout(there will be a clip at the end.

Kind of piggybacking off another award here where Jim Irsay took down the Montreal Screw Job award, but Parks Frazier, who is a 30-year-old assistant QB coach is now being trusted into the offensive coordinator/play-caller job. Besides the fact that others on that staff who have many more years under their belt are surely annoyed at this, this move by Jeff Saturday is pretty amazing.

Maybe it works out. Who knows? It is another signal that the Indianapolis Colts are doing everything they can to get that #1 pick.

This isn’t to say that Parks Frazier has no clue what he’s doing it’s just that there are others there who have more experience. But Jim Irsay says experience is overrated so good luck Parks.