Metrorail extension could take you to Hard Rock Stadium soon

Hard Rock Stadium could become a lot less congested before and after games if a new northern corridor Metrorail project extends into Dade County.

On Tuesday, Miami-Dade County released to the media that they have approved development on on plan to extend the Metrorail into Dade County. The rail could take riders to Hard Rock Stadium.

This would be a big deal that could eliminate a lot of post and pre-game traffic around the stadium. The Dolphins already made big changes to the stadium grounds. They have put in a pedestrian bridge that eliminates the need to stop traffic for those leaving the stadium and they put in under-road walkways nearer the stadium to eliminate pedestrian traffic closer to Hard Rock.

Now, HRS will soon have it’s own line. According to the press release, Hard Rock will be part of “Phase One” and will include an 8 mile extension of the rail to Hard Rock Stadium.

On the down side, everything takes time and even with a plan to speed up the development, construction on the project is not expected to begin until 2024 according to the release. How long that construction takes isn’t clear and there was no timetable delivered for completion.

Hard Rock Stadium and the surrounding area near the stadium is becoming a major South Florida venue. Formula 1 racing debuted last year and the Miami Open Tennis events have been successful as well.

The Dolphins opened their new training facility ahead of last season and of course the Dolphins and Miami Hurricanes play at The Rock which also hosts concerts and is capable of hosting soccer events as well.

The rail extension will not just help football fans attend games but will give the community access to Northern Miami as well as the airport and other areas of interest.