Miami Dolphins: 4 unsung heroes that have made this season possible

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I think we’re having just a stellar bye week. The Miami Dolphins are 7-3, they’re preparing and definitely not looking past the Houston Texans who they play next week, and Tua is banging the drum at the Florida Panthers game. Love seeing that and I love how this team is positioned going the rest of the way.

A ton of individuals are responsible for not just how the Miami Dolphins are playing on the field but how the Miami Dolphins are carrying themselves all over the place. The vibe of this team is a complete 180 compared to last year. That is something that can’t be denied.

Right off the bat, you have to mention Mike McDaniel, Chris Grier, and Tyreek Hill. Those guys are my top three individuals that have put into motion this wonderful season. All three of those guys brought a particular vision accompanied by a swagger that many laughed at. Turns out, they knew exactly what they were talking about.

Tua Tagovailoa, obviously, is also another key contributor. I mean, the guy is legitimately in the MVP conversation. All he needed, besides the fastest tandem of receivers in the history of man, were people to believe in him. I remember someone else who asked folks to believe in him and in turn that guy did great things.

But this list is about the sneaky(yes, I love using that word instead of underrated) under-the-radar guys that don’t get a lot of publicity but we know that without them that the Miami Dolphins wouldn’t be on top of the AFC East with sights on the #1 seed. Without these players, we wouldn’t have the jubilation and visions of Lombardi in our thoughts.

What I’m saying is, this list is about the other guys.

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