Miami Dolphins 5 best Black Friday bargain players of 2022

Kader Kohou Miami Dolphins
Kader Kohou Miami Dolphins /
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The Miami Dolphins have spent a lot of money in 2022 but they have also found quite a few bargains as well and since it is Black Friday, we celebrate them.

While your wives, or husbands, are all out shopping and you are sitting at home thanking the good lord that you don’t have to fight the crowds and traffic, we celebrate the Miami Dolphins and the players that simply are Black Friday deals!

Tua Tagovailoa is playing at a level that most didn’t think was possible. Given his rookie contract, he could be considered a bargain but he really isn’t and in another two years, Tagovailoa could break the NFL contract record for quarterbacks, take that Patrick Mahomes!

We know that Bradley Chubb, Tyreek Hill, and Xavien Howard are no bargains and Byron Jones, so far this season is the lump of coal headed for the Dolphins stockings if he can’t get on the field this year, luckily our first bargain has made us not worry so much about him.

Kader “Darth Vader” Kohou

Is there a bigger bargain on the Dolphins roster than this undrafted rookie that has earned the Darth Vader moniker? Let’s look at what this kid has done so far this year.

Kohou shouldn’t have made the roster and probably wouldn’t have if not for the injury to Jones and Trill Williams. Since making the team, he has appeared in all but two games when he was injured. He has started six of those games and has three passes defended.

Kohou is consistently ranking in the top 20 of all NFL corners this year and his surprising success comes with a Black Friday price tag of just $715K. The news for Miami gets better as Kohou is under contract, according to until 2024 when he will make $880k, and $995K in 2023 and 2024.