3 things we learned in the Miami Dolphins weird feeling win over Texans

Mike McDaniel Miami Dolphins
Mike McDaniel Miami Dolphins /
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I made it a point in my preview article to state that I do not care how the Miami Dolphins win as long as they beat the Texans. I didn’t care if it was by 50 or by a last-second field goal. All I cared about was getting to eight wins.

I care about getting to eight wins because I personally believe getting to 10 wins probably gets you into the playoffs. Quick math here but to get to 10 you need to first get to eight and then others are saying nine is involved in there along the way. We’ll double-check that.

The Miami Dolphins did in fact win the game. They won by 15. But, let’s not act for one moment that we’re absolutely loving the feeling we have as the team begins the, potentially, toughest slate of games the Dolphins will play all year. There’s just this weird feeling that is over me about the state of the franchise.

And honestly, it doesn’t have much to do with the backups struggling to do anything on offense in the 2nd half of the game yesterday. I don’t care that Skylar Thompson, Myles Gaskin, and others couldn’t move the ball at all.

No, I think we all know why we feel odd about going forward. The injury to Terron Armstead, at the moment, seems like a death blow. Armstead left the game with a pectoral injury. We currently don’t know the severity of it but Mike McDaniel seemed a bit concerned about it.

Not much room for McDaniel to use his dead-pan, dry humor approach when possibly his most important player might be out of the action for the most important stretch of the season.

We will hope that Terron Armstead only has a minor injury and can miraculously come back from it this week. But that, I think, is a big ask. Here’s where we currently stand on Terron Armstead’s injury.

So it sounds like it may not be as bad as it could have been but Armstead will probably miss time. I suppose you take that because this team needs him for the absolute end of the season more than right now.

The Miami Dolphins now embark on the toughest opponents they’ve played in weeks. We will find out what this team is made of and the talking heads will do what they do when it comes to the Dolphins. If Miami beats the 49ers, you just might swing some doubters but if Miami loses you know they will say told you so.

Honestly, Miami can lose a couple, backdoor their way into the playoffs, and still do damage in the playoffs. That’s happened plenty of times. I’d take that scenario as well. Let’s find out what we learned from yesterday’s game.