3 things we learned in the Miami Dolphins weird feeling win over Texans

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The Miami Dolphins need to activate Teddy Bridgewater from here on out.

I very much like Skylar Thompson and think he should be backing Tua up next year. Is that a bit of a 180 from what I said months ago when I was championing for Skylar to be the full-time backup and that Teddy should be traded? Sure is. I don’t really care. I saw Skylar not have any timing with the offense and also fumble a snap.

Was that because the offensive line was in shambles? Perhaps. But, if this offensive line is going to be a unit of disarray and Tua’s health is something that needs to be taken into account every game until Armstead is back, then Teddy Bridgewater needs to be the backup.

Bridgewater has been inactive for the last few weeks with some sort of injury. Personally, I think he’s able to play but the team decided why not get Skylar work in mop-up duty situations?

Well, with Armstead out and based on what we saw and how life looks like without him, Bridgewater needs to be the permanent backup the rest of the way. I’d be a bit shocked if Teddy 2-Gloves wasn’t suiting up this week.