Miami Dolphins in-house 2023 free agent priority re-signings

Miami Dolphins linebacker Melvin Ingram (Mandatory Credit: Kareem Elgazzar-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Dolphins linebacker Melvin Ingram (Mandatory Credit: Kareem Elgazzar-USA TODAY Sports) /
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The Miami Dolphins will have 26 players scheduled to hit free agency, potentially, in 2023 but only a handful of them should be re-signed.

Prioritizing the 2023 Miami Dolphins off-season won’t be all that easy. Miami has to fill their own holes, as we took a look at through the draft with a 3 round mock. They need to get ahead of the 2024 season when all three of their defensive linemen will be free agents, and they need to fix several position through free agency.

Before any of that starts however, the Dolphins need to look inside their own organization and address their impending 26 free agents.

Of the 26 players that will be free agents, we can almost rule out several just given their current situations with the team. Here are several of those that likely will not be back.

Mike Gesicki – Gesicki is loved by the fanbase, and he loves being with the Dolphins. Will he give the Dolphins a discount to stay? He may take less to stay with the Dolphins but let’s be honest, Miami won’t want to pay what Gesicki is worth and another team will. The likelihood of Gesicki being in Miami beyond this year is incredibly low, and that sucks.

Teddy Bridgewater – Miami didn’t pay Bridgewater a ton of money to be the backup quarterback but while some local media will tell you that Bridgewater hasn’t been put in a great situation, he doesn’t pass the eyeball test and his play on the field this year has not been good. Say what you will but Bridgewater coming back would be a mistake for Miami and even minimal money would be better spent elsewhere.

Eric Rowe – Rowe has done everything that the Dolphins wanted him to do and he was actually a very good addition to the Dolphins but his time in Miami is over. The writing on the wall was clear when he was kept off the active game day roster as a healthy scratch. With Brandon Jones getting healthy, his playing time this year could decrease further.

Here is a look at the players that Miami should prioritize either before the season or at worst, before the free agency period begins.