2023 NFL Mock Draft: Miami Dolphins full 7 round mock draft

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After a disappointing game in Los Angeles, the Miami Dolphins are now in a difficult position, while still being in a good spot to make the playoffs. The issue is, this team has now dropped 2 straight games and is heading to Buffalo on a short week to play in the snow against the AFC’s best. So how do we combat that? Mock Draft!!

There have been a lot of injuries, or lack of healing, that have derailed this team’s defensive game plan. On the flip side, the offense has hit a sputter we haven’t seen yet this season and an offensive line that continues to fight injuries mixed with poor play.

So where exactly should we look to try and improve a team that has been struggling as of late? I think 3 positions need to get specific and special treatment in this draft class. Those 3 positions are linebacker, cornerback, and left guard.

You may be asking why running back is not on that list. Well there are a variety of reasons why running back shouldn’t be drafted early this season, and this offense can resign the guys we have now and trust and believe that they will play just as well next season.

This is also the deepest running back free agency class maybe ever, so if Grier and McDaniel want to dabble in that class, there are plenty of guys to make a big splash to add to this offense. However, I don’t think adding one of those guys early in the draft is the right move.

However, with the lack of depth this team has at cornerback, I think the smartest move is to go draft one early and grab a guy who can play outside. I say play outside because it seems like Byron Jones will not be returning this season, and probably will not come back next year either.

So let’s get right into it, with where I think the Miami Dolphins will go with their 6 picks in my 2023 NFL Mock Draft.

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