Miami Dolphins: 3 potential adjustments for Mike McDaniel’s offense

Tua Tagovailoa Mike McDaniel Miami Dolphins
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The Miami Dolphins have to chew up more clock and get linebackers moving forward more.

What have we run the ball like 17-18 times in the past two weeks I realize I can easily look it up but I’m good with my assumption. It feels like no more than 20 times over the last two weeks.

Mike McDaniel came out after the 49ers game and said he has to learn from his game plan of not running the ball much and what did he do? He came out in the Chargers game and threw the ball three straight times for a grand total of 14 seconds for zero yards on Sunday night. Maybe he was going with reverse psychology there.

We know McDaniel was a real run game guy when he was with San Francisco. But when you have Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, you get them the ball as often as possible. Well as I said, teams are on to Miami’s act. Have to do things a little differently.

Terron Armstead, who I know is banged up all over his body, and Connar Williams were brought in to help the run game. How about using them in that run game? If the Miami Dolphins are going to hang with the Bills, in that weather, then getting some kind of a push up front is going to be necessary.

I really don’t think that Tua and the passing attack get back on track on Saturday night in that weather. Controlling the line of scrimmage, even just a bit more will help in possessing the ball. And hopefully, if running the ball works a bit, those linebackers move up a bit more and then a few more passes behind them can occur.

What really sucks is that Jeff Wilson Jr. is injured and we have no idea, at the moment, what his status is going to be. We need him if Miami is going to run the ball well against the Bills because he’s bigger than Raheem Mostert and I don’t think Mostert’s speed is going to be able to be utilized in the elements.

I understand that stating the running ball more isn’t too sophisticated of a take. But, football doesn’t always have to be equivalent to splitting atoms.