Miami Dolphins defensive keys to victory against the Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) fumbles after getting hit by Jevon Holland (8) of the Miami Dolphins during the first quarter of an NFL game at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Sept. 25, 2022.
Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) fumbles after getting hit by Jevon Holland (8) of the Miami Dolphins during the first quarter of an NFL game at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Sept. 25, 2022. /

The idea behind this Miami Dolphins defense stopping the Buffalo Bills is not that complicated when you consider that everything runs through Josh Allen.

Josh Allen as everyone knows is one of the best quarterbacks in the league, and he does everything for this Bills’ offense. Of the 5,162 total yards the Bills have gained this year; Josh Allen has 4,181 of those yards. That is 81% of the Bills’ offense this year.

He is the heart of this Bills offense. The key to stopping the Bills is to stop Josh Allen. The only problem is that Josh Allen is extremely dynamic, and the reason why he has so many yards is that he is so hard to stop.

So, how do the Dolphins stop Josh Allen?


Anytime anyone talks about facing an elite-level quarterback like Josh Allen everyone says the same thing, “Our team has to get pressure with four. We gotta make him uncomfortable.” It is copied and paste. When you play Tom Brady that is the answer when you play Patrick Mahomes that is the answer, and when you play Aaron Rodgers that is the answer.

I do not know if that is the answer against Josh Allen. Now, I am not saying that the Dolphins’ defense does not need to get pressure on Allen. That would be ridiculous.

What I am saying is that the most important thing to do against Josh Allen is not to get pressure on him. It is to keep him in the pocket. The goal is to get pressure on him while staying in your rushing lane.

Josh Allen is the most dangerous and most comfortable outside of the pocket.

It makes sense. Quarterbacks are presented with the most options when they are outside the pocket, especially when they are athletic.

Not only can they run, but they can see the field better because there are not four or five guys in their faces. In addition to that, when plays go off-script there is always the potential for a big play.

Christian Wilkins is going to need to have a big day not only stopping the run but also getting a consistent push in the middle to collapse the pocket. If he can do that Jaelen Phillips and Bradley Chubb should be able to finish the job when Allen looks to escape the pocket.

The biggest key in stopping Josh Allen and this explosive Bills offense is keeping Josh Allen in the pocket.


Now that Josh Allen is confined to the pocket you have to force him to show off his arm. Josh Allen has one of the best arms in the league and he knows it.

Josh Allen is also third in the league in interceptions thrown with 11. He will throw you one, and when you see the interceptions he has thrown a lot of them come from the overconfidence he has in his arm.

When these opportunities come the Dolphins’ secondary has to capitalize on them. If the Dolphins are going to win this game they can not have two dropped interceptions.

With the way the Dolphins’ offense has looked these last two weeks they are going to need as many extra possessions as possible.

This Dolphins defense only has seven interceptions on the year. That is tied for ninth in the NFL. They have done a good job of taking the ball away when there has been an opportunity.

That will have to continue for the Dolphins’ defense if they are going to upset the Bills.


The Dolphins’ defense has to find Stefon Diggs and prevent big plays over the top.

By Dolphins’ defense, I mean Xavien Howard. Howard has to be the cornerback that everyone knows he is. He has to be the cornerback that leads the league in interceptions since when he entered the league.

He is going to draw the Diggs assignment. The success of this Dolphins’ defense is going to be highly dependent upon how well Howard covers Diggs.

If Diggs has eight or more receptions for 80-plus yards it could be a long day for the Dolphins defense.

Everyone knows that the Bills are going to take their shots over the top at Gabe Davis. Holland has to be prepared for those shots. Everyone raved about him last year and how great of a draft pick he was and rightfully so.

The Dolphins’ secondary is depleted with injuries, so Howard and Jevon Holland have to be the playmakers that they can be.


It is going to be interesting to see how the Dolphins’ defense plays on Saturday. They love to bring exotic blitzes, but Allen thrives against the blitz. Will they play more zone since they have all these injuries, and it makes it easier to keep eyes on Allen? It will be an interesting matchup. Hopefully, they will come out on top.