3 sneaky keys for the Miami Dolphins to defy the odds and beat Buffalo

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Hey, let’s talk about the weather. I’m just dying to talk about the weather with you folks. Can we please talk about the weather, what do ya think?

That’s pretty much been what everyone wants to talk about concerning the Miami Dolphins traveling to Orchard Park to play the Buffalo Bills on Saturday night. I think we get it. I think we all understand that it will be cold and there will be some amount of snow either before the game or during the game. This is understood.

We know Tua hasn’t been very good in the few cold-weather games he has played in as a member of the Miami Dolphins. We get it.

We saw Mike McDaniel wearing the I wish it was colder shirt at practice the other day basically mocking the media for talking so much about the weather. Would I have done it? Maybe not, but it is far from being a big deal.

This game on Saturday night, a prime-time game that fans have complained about not getting is about whether(you like that wordplay?) the Dolphins can rise up to the challenge of playing their 3rd consecutive road game in an environment that nobody really wants to be in. Nobody wants to play in that kind of weather and if you say you do you’re looking to be contrarian.

This is about whether or not the Miami Dolphins have what it takes to not let what everyone is saying about the team be true. Have they been figured out, is Tua the guy, is McDaniel a one-trick pony, same old Dolphins? All that stuff has been said.

Excellent opportunity to shut some folks up while also having a better chance to make the playoffs. You remember the playoffs right? That thing that seemed like a lock two weeks ago and now is dangerously close to being missed, again. Yeah, Miami needs to win badly because having to play extremely stressful games the last few weeks is something I would avoid if possible.

I think Miami can win. I haven’t decided if they will. The odds say they won’t. But haven’t the Miami Dolphins defied the odds before? This a spot they strangely do well in. So who knows?

To defy those odds, the Miami Dolphins need to adhere to following these keys to victory. I’m not going to bore you with the obvious such as keeping penalties down, win the turnover battle, establish the run, tackle, don’t get beat deep, block, convert 3rd downs, get off the field on 3rd downs, and a billion other football cliches and jargon. No, these are some sneaky, underrated, Miami Dolphins-centric level keys to this particular game against the Bills. Win this game and you’re one step closer to the playoffs and you can let everyone know that you’re here to stay.