3 sneaky keys for the Miami Dolphins to defy the odds and beat Buffalo

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The Miami Dolphins, especially Josh Boyer, need a plan to stop what we all know is coming.

We knew what the Chargers were going to do on 3rd and forever from their 18 yardline on Sunday night and Josh Boyer’s brain said to line everyone up at the goalline. We know what followed and it dramatically shifted the flow of the game.

We know that the Bills are going to ask Josh Allen to run the ball on designed runs. As the games get deeper in the season thus making them more important, Josh Allen runs more. It happens every year. He is, essentially, their running game. We know he’s coming. Boyer needs to have a plan in place to coral it.

Obviously, execution is essential in executing any plan. But, a plan of some form needs to be in place.

This mean sealing the edge with whoever is the edge defender, potentially having different keys for the linebackers when certain formations are shown. Whatever it is, I hope it is being practiced to death.

Again, momentum is huge in this game and when Josh Allen picks up a first down with his legs in a bulldozing fashion the Buffalo fans will quite literally jump out of their skin in joy. It’s easier said then done to stop Allen, but that can’t happen often.