3 sneaky keys for the Miami Dolphins to defy the odds and beat Buffalo

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The Miami Dolphins can’t sit back and wait to be dictated to. They need to strike first.

I think we all have visions of this game getting out of hand for the Miami Dolphins. The injury report, the weather, and all the momentum is in the Bills favor. We’ve seen the Bills lay the smack down on the Dolphins so many times over the past few years and even though Miami won earlier in the year, it seems like it was decades ago. That game doesn’t matter right now.

The momentum thing is very real. We know their fans are going to embrace the evening and the elements. They wear every inch of snow like medals on a decorated general. They love it. What Miami can’t do is show up and just get pushed around early.

It seems that the Dolphin’s defense always get pushed around and the opposing team’s offense does whatever it wants on their first drive which always ending up in points. I kind of think the Dolphins need to force a punt their first time out just to keep the crowd at bay a little longer. Crazy analysis there I know.

Offensively, getting any kind of points on the first drive would be huge. I realize that scoring early isn’t breaking news here but with the positive vibe squarely in the Bill’s court, the Dolphing need to quiet the crowd, even for only a few minutes, with keeping the ball out of Allen’s hands as much as possible.

Maybe a trick play of some kind would do it. Can the Dolphins run the fumblerookski again? Who knows right?

The offensive line has to play with some kind of pride and push the very talented and healthy defensive front back a bit. Mostert and hopefully Wilson need to be averaging 4 yards a carry.

I’m rambling here but it’s because there’s so many different things the MIami Dolphins have to do to be in this game at half time. I know the Bills haven’t crushed any teams in weeks but we also know the joy they get in dominating the Dolphins. And on prime-time with everyone watching, they may go out of their way to embarrass Miami.

But like said in the beginning, the Dolphins have a weird way to be in games they should get rocked in. It would be very Miami Dolphins of them if they were there in the end with a chance to win. That be awesome. Fins Up

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