3 things we learned in the Miami Dolphins heartbreaking loss to the Bills

Jaylen Waddle Miami Dolphins (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)
Jaylen Waddle Miami Dolphins (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) /
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We had them. We friggin had them. The Miami Dolphins had the Bills on the ropes with only one more punch needed to KO them. And they didn’t do it. They let the Bills live a little bit longer and it ended up coming back to finish them.

Was it a super fun game? Absolutely. Games like last night are why sports are king. You don’t get those kinds of roller coaster emotions at a concert or looking at a piece of art. You just don’t. It was a completely romantic scene when the snow started falling in the 4th quarter that made me and anyone with a pulse feel all tingly.

That tingly feeling quickly came and went when the Miami Dolphins continued not to put the Bills out to pasture.

This was certainly a buffet of emotions type of game. All the emotions and thoughts one can have during a sporting event occurred in the span of the whole game. I was down in the beginning, then I was intrigued by the Dolphin’s fight, which was followed by jubilation when they were up 8 in the 4th, ending with total devastation when Josh Allen got Buffalo to the 10-yard line to seal it. I needed a pack of smokes afterward and I’m not a smoker.

I don’t subscribe to moral victories. What I do subscribe to is feeling an appropriate way after each game and after last night I feel the Miami Dolphins have the ability to play with anybody in the league wherever they need to play them.

They showed that the team we saw over the past two weeks doesn’t have to be who they are. They have the ability to change it up a bit, buckle down, and play physical football.

The zillion-dollar question is can they replicate that attitude with their final three games? They better because the playoffs are not at all guaranteed. They still control their destiny but come out flat on Christmas day against the Packers and then you’re really scrambling.

I wanted the win. I didn’t want to feel like Denny Green knowing the Miami Dolphins let them off the hook. I don’t want to wear my Dolphin’s gear at the grocery store and some dude be like “ahhh man almost won, you guys played well. Maybe next time?” That doesn’t make me feel good. Wins make me feel good and last night there was a win to be taken and the Dolphins let it slip through their fingers. Here’s what we learned.