3 things we learned in the Miami Dolphins heartbreaking loss to the Bills

Jaylen Waddle Miami Dolphins (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)
Jaylen Waddle Miami Dolphins (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) /
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This portion of this wonderful Miami Dolphin article contains my notes. I saw and wrote down these notes and I really think you should see them. I take stupendous notes.

You can’t keep kicking FGs against this team. You just can’t do it.

Trent Scherfield has to catch that ball in the end zone. It was thrown where it had to be and it hit him in the chest. Here’s a thought; maybe catch it with your hands? Give it a whirl.

Hey, how do you like that? Checking the ball down to Mostert got 20 yards. WOW!!! I don’t know maybe keep that club in the bag?

The Bills did a very good job sitting on the quick-out routes to Hill. They weren’t ever open and Tua was predetermined to throw there every time it was called.

Especially, in the early part of the game, why if you’re the MLBs would you ever respect the Bill’s run game and not just get depth? I want an explanation on that. I’m not going to get one. But man alive, the Bills had no interest in running the ball, especially after a failed run attempt. Again, that’s situational football. It leads to guys easily getting behind them resulting in easy open throws.

Holland got taken down by some guy named Morris for a TD. Not great.

What is great is that Jevon Holland injured his neck(that’s not the great part), came back wearing a neck roll, got screwed down in the box playing strong safety, and played very well. It was awesome to watch him make plays.

The snowball thing was stupid and Mike McDaniel had every right in the world to tell the refs to the crowd to stop throwing ice balls at the players. I understand it comes off a bit soft. I do. But, do you remember Orlando Brown? Oh, you don’t? Watch this and educate yourself.

The guy got hit directly in the eye with a flag and his career was essentially over. What if one of those iceballs hit a player perfectly in the eye? Then what happens? Just because it’s unlikely doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be attempted to be prevented.

Damn, Tua had Waddle and he underthrew it. If he leads him out more, it’s an easy 6. I don’t understand why Tua underthrows those 30ish-yarder go routes. We know he has the arm to get it out farther than that. Let it rip and if you overthrow him, then you overthrow him. I bet he won’t.

Good call going with Salvon Ahmed over Myles Gaskin. Ahmed was getting loose and it was working.

We have to talk about the lack of a pass rush the Miami Dolphins have. They don’t have much of a pass rush besides Jaelan Phillips. The rumblings of the Bradley Chubb deal are going to continue because the guy is basically invisible. It’s possible that it’s Emmanuel Ogbah in disguise. I don’t want to say it’s a complete swing and a miss of a trade but we’re getting there.

But Jaelan Phillips, that guy is coming into his own. How do I know? Becuase he’s showing up in big games which is something that isn’t happening to much on the defense.

Beautiful throw from Tua to Jaylen Waddle. Great design, Great everything on that play. Easily the fastest we’ve seen Waddle run so far.

Thomas Morstead. That guy does his job well.

Mark Sanchez really trying to be Tony Romo out there. He isn’t even close and he tried some lame BYOB joke that landed nowhere.

Maybe don’t go deep to Braylon Sanders?

How in Zeus’s butthole is that not intentional grounding by Josh Allen? He threw it at a lineman on purpose.

The refs weren’t too good. Apparently, when you play the Dolphins, you’re allowed to play early 2000s Patriot defense rules and just mug the receivers all day.

I really thought after the strip-sack by Phillips with the ball at the 50 that the Dolphins had a golden opportunity to step on the throats of the Bills. They only got a FG and kept the Bills in it.

Not shocking that Dawson Knox had his best game of the season against Miami. My whole life the Dolphins can never guard a TE. Why should last night be any different?

The dolphins have the ball and Tua makes two nice throws to get the Dolphins to the Bill’s 40 with about 6ish minutes left in the game. They throw a dumb WR screen to Hill. I hated it because the snow was coming down hard. A play like that requires a solid grip on the ball and sudden foot movement from Hill and the blockers. In those conditions, it was ill-advised.

Miami punts and Allen takes the rest of the game to set up a chip shot FG.

The pass interference on Kadr Kohou is a play I hate even when it goes our way. Allen gets pressured says, “f it, McKenzie is down there somewhere” and underthrows to the point where Kohou has basically no choice but to run into the receiver. He has no idea the ball is coming. I guess he can turn and look but when you’re trailing a receiver, who ever looks back?

And that’s the game. Miami had them and they let’em off the hook.

Miami still has plenty of ways to get into the playoffs and that’s the goal now. Build off this encouraging performance back in Miami and let’s go on a run. Nothing really else to do.

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