Miami Dolphins: 10 observations from Week 15 loss vs. Bills

Miami Dolphins Tua Tagovailoa (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images)
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Miami Dolphins: 10 observations from Week 15 loss to Bills

8. Jaelan Phillips is officially having himself a season

Jaelan Phillips had a noticeably slow start I’ve the first few games of the Dolphins’ schedule, but he’s become one of the most effective pass rushers in the game ever since, and he’s officially having himself a heck of a season.

He showed his grit during pregame warm-ups by going shirtless in 25 degree temperatures, and then showed it on the field with a huge strip sack of Allen that should have been the true winning play of the game. The Dolphins only got 3 points out of it, but Phillips made his mark on this game without question.

9. Jason Sanders…totally redeem yourself!

It was looking like Jason Sanders would be a problem, given his inconsistency over the first half of the season. The Dolphins have playoff aspirations, and having a shaky kicker is a near-death sentence for games in January.

But Sanders has redeemed himself over the past two weeks, hitting crucial kicks against the Chargers and Bills that Miami needed to stay in the game. They certainly weren’t playoff-atmosphere kicks, but seeing the Dolphins’ kicker perform well in the clutch was a breath of fresh air.

10. Zach Sieler is still the most underrated player on the roster

The defensive line wasn’t as overtly dominant against the Bills like they were against the Chargers, but that didn’t stop Zach Sieler from making some crucial plays in the Bills backfield.

Sieler was getting solid pressure throughout the evening, but in the fourth quarter, he showed why he is the most underrated player on the Dolphins’ roster. With under 6 minutes left, Josh Allen dropped back to pass, and Sieler busted through a blatant hold by the offensive lineman, then ran over the running back who tried to get in his way, eventually getting to Allen for one of the most dominant sacks you’ll ever see.