Miami Dolphins fans rooting guide for Christmas Eve games

Miami Dolphins Tua Tagovailoa (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images)
Miami Dolphins Tua Tagovailoa (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images) /

The Miami Dolphins will not play today but the NFL will roll out a full slate on Saturday, Christmas Eve with three games slated for Christmas Day. The Dolphins will play Christmas Day.

While we get ready for evening festivities and the NFL was gracious enough to give us a dog game in the evening, Raiders and Steelers, as opposed to something, you know, good. We can spend our day watching stress-free football.

There are some important games that could impact the Dolphins in some way and these are the ones we fans need to pay particular attention to.

1:00 games

  • Atlanta vs. Baltimore

The frigid weather will make Baltimore and the rest of the east and northeast an icebox and the Falcons really are not much of a challenge for the Ravens but you can always send out a last minute Christmas wish. The Ravens are 9-5 and a loss puts them in a tie with Miami should the Dolphins win on Sunday and that will move Miami up in the seeding. This will be a weekly watch for Dolphins fans over the last three games but hey, why not start early. GO FALCONS!

  • Buffalo vs. Chicago

Well there are wishes and pipe dreams, this is a pipe dream but you never know…Go Bears!

  • Saints vs. Browns

The Browns are a long shot to make the postseason but as long as they are still “mathematically” alive root against them.  Go Saints!

  • Seahawks vs. Chiefs

In reality, we should be rooting for the Seahawks but why?  Miami won’t catch K.C. unless there is a meltdown. You could root for the Chiefs and a Bills loss at some point so that the playoff road goes somewhere other than Buffalo.  Go…meh, you pick em.

  • Bengals at Patriots

The Patriots are chasing the final spot in the AFC playoff picture and a loss will not help them much at all. Coupled with a Dolphins win, the Patriots would drop two games behind the Dolphins with two weeks to play. Every loss will help and, it is after all, the Patriots. GO BENGALS!

  • Houston vs. Tennessee

The free falling Titans are 7-7 and while they are not going to take a spot from the Dolphins this week or next, they could be usurped by the Jaguars who are pushing hard for a post season birth. The Jaguars who beat the Jest on Thursday night are in a dogfight for the AFC North and if they win it, Miami could have to travel up I-95 for a playoff game.  GO HOUSTON!

4:00 games

There are only two games being played this afternoon and all four teams that are playing are in the NFC. Sounds like a great time to start cooking dinner and prepping for friends and family!

8:00 game

  • Raiders vs. Pittsburgh

This is a great game to have on in the background where you really don’t have to watch or listen but check occasionally. Both teams are 6-8 and the loser will more than likely be eliminated. It’s like a playoff game for teams that won’t make the playoffs.


  • Miami vs. Green Bay

The most important game of the week for the Dolphins is their own…naturally. The Dolphins are on a three-game skid and a win will not only end that but put Miami in a position to secure a playoff spot next week against the Patriots. GO DOLPHINS!!!


  • Chargers vs. Colts

Miami could move up in the seeding with a win on Sunday and a loss by the Chargers. The Chargers, should both the Raiders and Patriots lose on Saturday, will clinch a spot with a win on Monday night. Miami fans don’t need that to happen so…GO COLTS!!


To all of you who have stuck by us through the years, thank you! Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and your families!  Stay safe, warm, and GO DOLPHINS!