3 sneaky keys for the Miami Dolphins to win a football game vs the Jets

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The Miami Dolphins should know the flag play is coming.

I understand that many quarterbacks have adopted the flag play and no I’m not talking about a flag route. I’m talking about just letting your receiver go deep and throw it up to him hoping mainly for a flag.

Why the Dolphins should know it is coming is really simple. Joe Flacco is the quarterback and he is the Jake the Snake Roberts, the creator of the DDT, of drawing defensive pass interference.

Who among us doesn’t have a bad memory of watching Flacco just chuck it up where the receiver was covered beautifully only for something funky to happen and the refs throw a flag for interference? We’ve all experienced it and it doesn’t feel good.

The Miami Dolphins rank 4th in the NFL in the most defensive pass interference penalties called against them with 10. If I know this, it means Joe Flacco knows it and even though the last thing he wants to do is play in an NFL football game this week, the idea of racking up the penalty flags for DPI really gets his engine going.

Every game it feels like Kader Kohou is good for a defensive penalty of some kind including pass interference. I love how the guy plays but we can’t be giving extra yards to this Jets team. Not with the offense we’re probably going to have. Smart football. That’s what Sam Madison needs to preach.