5th year options for Miami Dolphins are easy after Tua Tagovailoa

The Miami Dolphins will play the 2023 season with Christian Wilkins on his 5th-year option barring a new deal this off-season (something they should do). But the team has to make a decision on not one but three players for the 2024 season.

Miami has said, specifically Chris Grier and Mike McDaniel that they intend to start Tua Tagovailoa next year. The question is will he be playing 2024 under the 5th-year option? Will Miami give him a 5th-year option that guarantees his contract in case of injury? That is something that the Dolphins have yet to announce.

The decision won’t be easy for Miami who could potentially be on the hook for a large amount of money if Tua gets hurt next season. Frankly, there is some questions about his health that could be a risk.

I would think that Miami will still exercise that option unless Tua tells the team, and he won’t, that if he suffers multiple concussions next season, he will be done.

While Miami toys with the idea of Tua they have nothing to worry about with their other two first-round draft picks from the 2020 class. A class that was so bad, making the team might be a surprise.

Austin Jackson has been nothing but a disappointment since arriving. While listed as a starter at right tackle, he has been serviceable at times and good at times but he never made the jump to being worthy of a mid-first-round pick.

Jackson spent most of this year on IR and there is no reason to believe Miami would risk guaranteeing a contract to him in case of injury. He will play in 2023 and it will but up to him to earn an extension. Stay healthy and play consistently well, get his re-signed. If not, let him play somewhere else.

Noah Igbinoghene on the other hand should consider his salary his saving grace. Scheduled to make a little over $3 million, the former first-round pick shouldn’t have a job. Releasing him would cost Miami the full amount with no savings but honestly, that money would be better spent on Kader Kohou or Nik Needham.