Miami Dolphins Darrell Bevell to stay with team, for now

The Miami Dolphins got some good news when Darrell Bevell turned down interview opportunities with the Jets and Commanders.

For now, the Miami Dolphins quarterback coach and offensive passing game coordinator will remain in Miami. Bevell has turned down the requests from the Jets and Commanders to interview for their vacant offensive coordinator positions.

In both cases, the quarterback specifically is relatively unknown. There is speculation that the Jets are going to go hard for a veteran quarterback this off-season including potentially adding Derek Carr. Their QB situation of Mike White, Joe Flacco, and of course, Zach Wilson is not good.

In Washington, Taylor Heinecke and Carson Wentz do not provide much stability either and the Commanders could be looking as well for a new QB. That’s a tough situation to jump into.

Bevell, according to Tom Pellisero has turned them down and for now, will remain with the Dolphins but this could change. Bevell is well-respected around the league so there is always a potential job that could await him.

Five teams are without head coaches and with new hires in that position come coordinator changes. Will Bevell take another position if offered? That likely depends on the situation he would be moving into.

Miami is an ideal spot and he did well with Tua Tagovailoa when he was healthy but a position with the Broncos could work out where he could try and turnaround Russell Wilson should that position come open after a new coach is hired.

For now, Bevell remaining in Miami provides more continuity for the development of Tagovailoa who will enter 2023 with the same offensive coaches for the first time in his NFL career.