Miami Dolphins – Grading the QBs for the 2022 season

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Miami Dolphins QB Grades for 2023 Season

Teddy Bridgewater: D+

Add Teddy Bridgewater to the small-but-growing list of backup quarterbacks who have been completely underwhelming for the Dolphins. It started with the Jacoby Brissett experiment in 2021, which we have done our best to forget in the time since. But Bridgewater has done his best to remind us of the anemic, 3-and-out-prone offense that exists when Tagovailoa is missing.

He had a nice statistical game against the Vikings, and a beautiful highlight reel deep pass against the Bengals, but Bridgewater has not been able to use the game-breaking weapons that he has at his disposal the way that Tua was able to. He often seems apathetic, playing for a paycheck rather than a victory, and had a couple of embarrassing plays in his limited action.

Bridgewater has played his last snaps with Miami. The Miami kid did nothing of note to help his hometown team be successful in what was such a promising year, and the team will have to move on this off-season. Luckily, he was deal was only for one year, and is a contract that now looks like a waste. It isn’t the worst backup QB deal in the league, but the $6.5 million spent on Bridgewater in 2022 could have money better allocated elsewhere, or for a different backup.