Aaron Rodgers could end up with the Dolphins or one of these AFC teams

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Aaron Rodgers could be on a new team next season if the speculation of a trade proves real, will the Miami Dolphins be his landing spot?

Following the Miami vs. Green Bay game, Rodgers praised the Dolphins and some believe he said, “A team I would like to play for” during a post-game on-field interview. Was that a subtle way of Rodgers saying to the Packers, trade me?

This year was not a good one for Rodgers but was it because, at the age of 39, he simply is losing his ability to play at an elite level, or is this more or less a situation where the Packers didn’t bother to support him offensively? Many believe it to be the latter.

Rodgers is a future Hall of Fame quarterback. He has a Super Bowl win and four MVP awards. He can walk away from football and never look back but if he did this year, he would leave $110 million guaranteed behind him.

The Packers are not against trading him according to Adam Schefter who believes they will explore possibilities only in the AFC. While Rodgers would have commanded a massive amount in trade value, there are some who view his age and contract as a liability and that could drive down the price of a trade. It won’t go a lot lower than at least a couple of first-round picks…and probably more.

So where do the Miami Dolphins stand? They stand, currently, with Tua Tagovailoa and there is no reason to believe that is going to change. Some fans may be disappointed by the thought of Rodgers ending up somewhere else but the truth is, these five AFC teams have a better shot to bring him on board…and getting him back into the postseason.

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