5 Grossly overpaid Miami Dolphins heading into 2023

Cedrick Wilson Miami Dolphins (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)
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Byron Jones missed the entire season in 2022 and and there is a lot of Miami Dolphins fans wondering if he will return in 2023.

Byron Jones spending the entire 2022 season on injured reserve was surprising but the speculation and rumor surrounding him not returning led many to believe he was milking Miami for the money and sitting out because he didn’t want to play. Some suggested his ire was the firing of Brian Flores.

Regardless, Jones is being paid a lot of money in 2023 and he sure didn’t earn anything in 2022.

Jones’ contract will cost Miami $18 million in cap space and that is too high for a player who missed last year and wasn’t exactly playing lights out before he was injured.

Many believe that Jones could be a cap casualty this year and that is a possibility. Miami has to get better in the secondary and reliabilty important. One of the keys is what really was going on behind the scenes and only the Dolphins and Jones know that answer.

If released, the Dolphins will eat $14 million and will save a measily $3.4 million. They could designate him a post-June 1 release which would give Miami $13 million and change after June 1st. It won’t help them between March (the start of free agency) and June but it will give them a cushion entering the season.

On the other hand, if Jones is healthy and does return, he makes the Dolphins secondary a lot better and his contract won’t look as bad.