Goodell did not say he wants Miami Dolphins throwbacks permanent

Miami Dolphins helmet Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
Miami Dolphins helmet Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports /

Editors note: The reported comments by Roger Goodell are in fact not accurate   A member of the Dolphins executive staff contacted me to let me know that Goodell did not make comments about the uniform but instead was a fan circulated rumor   Our apologies to both the Dolphins and our readers   The information below is no accurate.

Hey Stephen Ross! You owe your Miami Dolphins fanbase something they can be proud of. Make the throwback uniforms permanent!

Roger Goodell was interviewed on Wednesday and was asked about what team in the NFL has the best uniforms and he said that the Miami Dolphins throwbacks are the best…basically.

Most Dolphins fans would 100% agree. While there are some who favor the Jimmy Johnson “cartoon” Dolphins logo and there are few who like the current one, the throwback logo is one that many fans buy and search for.

Tom Garfinkel once told me that the throwback was his favorite logo. Adam Gase would only wear the throwback logo in pressers (most of the time), the media love the logo and when Miami decks their stadium out for a throwback game, fans applaud.

Still, though everyone seems to favor the throwback, Stephen Ross is keeping the current logo.

Prior to the current logo being introduced, then CEO Mike Dee told me and others in a “Web Weekend” Q&A session that the “current” logo would be loved and make the old logo into a classic. Then it was leaked online and was pretty much ridiculed from the start.

Fans think that is simply a matter of sending a request to the NFL to change their logo, something teams can do once every five years if they wish. It is, unfortunately not. The signage in and around the stadium, the locker rooms, the training center, and everything from a stadium sign to a bathroom tile needs to be swapped out. It’s expensive.

For Ross, this is his mark on the franchise. He ushered in a new era with the logo change after he had full control over the team. Why would he want to change that? For starters, he could go down as the owner who brought back the traditions of the Miami Dolphins…starting with the return of Miami’s best logo and color scheme.