Confirmed: Tua will be a Lethal Weapon next year who can fall properly

Miami Dolphins Tua Tagovailoa (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images)
Miami Dolphins Tua Tagovailoa (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images) /

It’s a real who’s who of NFL players out at Radio Row or whatever they’re calling it now out at the Super Bowl. Our guy Tua Tagovailoa, fresh off the concussion protocol list, took some time out of his life to answer some questions.

Besides the heartwarming anecdote of what life is like being a new father, Tua told the world, in so many words, that next year he will be living, breathing Lethal Weapon. He confirmed this when he said he would be starting training in the discipline of Judo. So fully expect Tua to be out there delivering strikes down the field followed immediately by a spinning back kick to the chest, not the head, for obvious reasons.

He said he’s not looking to become a dangerous person but I’m pretty sure if you start getting trained in Judo you automatically become a man nobody should trifle with. I hope Tua understands what he’s embarking on. No word yet if this Lethal Weapon lifestyle is about to begin means he will be dislocating his shoulder for money, but I guess it’s too early to tell on that.

I will say that if Tua is looking to take care of himself a bit better because he has a family now by learning how to fall better that he should enroll himself in the WWE Performance Center. The Red Rooster Terry Taylor, Norman Smiley, and the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels would absolutely straighten him out. Too bad the Hart Family Dungeon isn’t still operational or that would be the perfect place for Tua to go and learn how to hit the deck.

I fully expect Tua, who holds the record for the guy who has no clue how to take a sack like a normal person, to be falling like those parkour folks who jump off playgrounds and tumble a bit resulting in zero damage to themselves

By the Way- If you hated this article, well you’re no fun, and also get ready for all types of speculatory offseason articles from everyone from every publication out there especially when the combine and free agency begins.

Enjoy the game on Sunday. I got the Chiefs winning. I had the Eagles since the conference games but then I remembered how much they would talk up Andy Reid after a bye week and although Nick Sirianni is 3-0, Reid is a force of nature when given two weeks to prep.

Do with that what you will. Enjoy Sunday, drink and eat well and remember, the Miami Dolphins will be 0-0 come Monday.

By the Way again- Congrats to Zach Thomas. Bout damn time.

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