Top Miami Dolphins offensive FA targets at positions of need

Mike Gesicki Miami Dolpins (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)
Mike Gesicki Miami Dolpins (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) /
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Dalton Schultz (86) (Photo Credit to The Tennessean)
Dalton Schultz (86) (Photo Credit to The Tennessean) /

The top Tight End target for the Miami Dolphins needs to be Dalton Schultz.

The unquestioned best all-around tight end in free agency this year, Dalton Schultz, should most definitely get a call from the Miami Dolphins.

He will for sure command a lot of money, but he has the right combination of run-blocking ability and playmaking ability to command every dollar of the contract he signs.

The Miami Dolphins are looking for someone to replace Mike Gesicki and the playmaking threat he provided outside for them. His biggest downfall was that he was a non-factor in the run game which therefore limited his snaps in the passing game because of how much play-action Mike McDaniel runs.

Dalton Schultz could be the big answer there that makes a lot of sense.

He has proven to be a more than capable blocker in the run game, and his ability to also be a playmaker changes the dynamic and ability of the Miami Dolphins to run 2 tight-end sets.

He would open up an element to this offense that Durham Smythe and Hunter Long simply do not possess. He would be another threat and another weapon at the disposal of Tua Tagovailoa and the offensive mastermind Mike McDaniel.

If I was the Miami Dolphins front office I would offer $14.6 million per year on a 4-year deal.