Byron Jones hints at retirement, on collision course with Dolphins

Byron Jones Miami Dolphins Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
Byron Jones Miami Dolphins Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports /

Byron Jones sent out a couple of Tweets today that hint at a possible retirement and that could lead to a collision course with the Miami Dolphins.

Jones sat out the 2022 season dealing with an Achilles injury that was supposed to heal by the start of camp last year. That didn’t happen and the season continued on without him. Questions about his future with the Dolphins has been unclear but most believe he will be released.

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, Jones is not saying he is going to retire. He cites someone in the know surrounding the situation.

Here is what the Dolphins cornerback posted on the social media outlet in response to a Tweet by the NFL regarding the broad jump at the NFL Combine which starts next week.

So what should Miami take this to mean? Clearly, he is alluding to a potential retirement so why would someone be telling Barry Jackson the opposite?

For starters, it is all about the money. If Jones retires, the Dolphins would be owed money but if they release him, likely as a Post June 1st cut, the Dolphins would not be owed any money. Regardless if he retires or not, the Dolphins are still on the hook in terms of cap money.

There are no guarantees left in the Byron Jones contract but Miami is still on the hook for $14.8 million in dead money if he is released and not designated a Post June 1 release. If the Dolphins designate him as such, they would save $13 million and change while eating $4.75 million.

Naturally, Jones doesn’t appear to be coming back so now it is a matter of when he announces it and when the Dolphins cave and cut him.

Jones’ contention “DO NOT take the pills they give you. DO NOT take the injections they give you.” is not a good look but he doesn’t go into any more specifics than that. Of course, one can only believe that he is referencing the Miami Dolphins’ medical staff.

What will this lead to? The chances of it ending between the franchise and the player is all but guaranteed. There is no sense that Jones plans to play football again, at the very least not in Miami.

If you wonder who will blink first, it will be the Dolphins. Jones can wait it out as long as he wants and he likely will.