Miami Dolphins should not be discussing a Tua Tagovailoa extension

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (1) Mandatory Credit: Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports
Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (1) Mandatory Credit: Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports /

Tua Tagovailoa hasn’t had his 5th-year option picked up yet but there is a lot of talk about a possible long-term extension from the Miami Dolphins.

Chris Grier has hinted at a possible extension for Tua Tagovailoa. He says there is mutual interest from both the Dolphins and Tua.

Grier said that there is no rush to get anything done and he is right. Miami doesn’t have to make a decision on the 5th year option until May 1st but unless the discussions of an extension are nothing more than due diligence, the Dolphins should not be thinking of a real extension right now.

Sorry but in my opinion, Tua isn’t worth the risk of a new contract that could set the Dolphins back $100 million in guaranteed money, if not more. Say what you want but Tua has a history of injuries that need to be closely monitored.

Tua has been in the league for three years and has yet to complete a full season. Last year was horrible but aside from the injuries, the Dolphins need to worry about his game play as well.

Last season, Tua silenced a lot of his critics but we can’t summarily dismiss the atrocious play against the 49ers and Chargers. Tua wasn’t able to flip the switch when both teams took away his mid-field options and that should be a concern when you also add in the injuries.

I’m not saying that Tua shouldn’t be or won’t be a long-term answer at quarterback, only that the Dolphins have no reason to do this now. Or this year for that matter.

Tua is under contract on his rookie deal this year. If the Dolphins pick up the 5th year option, he will cost them $24 million in guaranteed money for the 2024 season and if he finished 2023 healthy and playing well, Miami can easily turn that option year into an extension.

This is the route that they should go. Hopefully the talk of an extension is just crunching the numbers for a potential contract down the road.

"…like I said, we’ll go through it here and we’re going to spend a lot of time here and that’s a good thing, is we’re not rushed to make anything right now. And so we’ll be in touch with Tua’s representatives and Mike (McDaniel) and I and Brandon (Shore) will sit and Steve (Ross) and we’ll make a push for things and we’ll talk and we’ll see where they stand.” – Chris Grier"

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I’m all for internal discussions and they should take place, especially about your potential star quarterbacks future but in this case, the Dolphins are a year too early to have these discussions with Tua about a new extension. There is simply too much to risk with a quarterback who has yet to play a full season. While I know that Tua could just as easily be healthy all of 2023 and the get injured after a new deal is signed, the point is that if he can’t make it through 2023, why put the franchises future in a position, financially, to not have that player on the field.

If I am Stephen Ross and Chris Grier, I have other pressing priorities than Tua Tagovailoa.