Miami Dolphins won’t likely prioritize the offensive line in free agency

Connor Williams Miami Dolphins Mandatory Credit: Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports
Connor Williams Miami Dolphins Mandatory Credit: Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports /

The Miami Dolphins need to improve their offensive line but Chris Grier may not see it as a big priority this off-season and that isn’t good.

Dolphins fans know that the team’s offensive line wasn’t impressive last year or the year before, or the year before that. At least they didn’t pass they eyeball test.

Statistically, the Dolphins running game wasn’t good, pass protection was average at best, and Tua suffered two concussions. Attribute those to whoever you wish.

Now, to be fair, we could say that Grier is doing the good ole genearal manager two-step and just getting his interviews over with and not really revealing what his plans are. I would like to think this is the case.

Grier was asked about the offensive line. Specifically, if he feels that they have the five guys in place.

“I think the offensive lines we showed last year – we went out and we added Eric Fisher and signed guys and injuries happen, especially at that position.”

Let’s start here. This is why I think he is dancing around the question. No one should be naming Eric Fisher when asked about the offensive line. He didn’t play a snap and contributed nothing on the field.

“So for us, it’s continuing to add depth at that position and the competition and create spots. The guys made tremendous strides last year.”

I wouldn’t use the word “tremendous” to talk about their improvement but considering the amount of injuries the Dolphins suffered, it could have been a lot worse and in the playoff game against the Bills, Miami’s offensive line did play very good.

"Obviously like with Austin (Jackson), he just needs to stay healthy so we can get a full evaluation of him, but with Connor (Williams), Liam (Eichenberg), Rob (Hunt) and obviously Terron (Armstead), we feel we have a good core of guys right there to start with. And Rob Jones and Lester Cotton coming in a playoff game, a young player. So excited about some of the development and potential of some of the players.” – Chris Grier"

I think we all agree about Austin Jackson and we definitely need to see more from Eichenberg. He played well next to Terron Armstead but he has to be much more consistent when Armstead is not anchoring the left side.

There is also a possibility of moving Robert Hunt outside and that might be the Dolphins best option. Moving Jackson inside could help Jackson’s growth. He has played better at guard. Hunt has played well at tackle. Grier seems more intent to keep him at guard though saying that he believes Hunt could be “special” as a guard.

Through all of what Grier said in his press conference, the common thread about the offensive line is that it appears they feel good about where they are at in terms of starting options. They also believe that a new offensive line coach will help and that they really need depth not starters.

In other words, it sounds pretty much like the Dolphins are going to enter free agency not looking to make major upgrades along the front. Those thinking that Mike McGlinchey of San Francisco is a guard option…probably not.