“Keep an eye on Miami Dolphins” Tom Brady rumors won’t go away

om Brady . (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
om Brady . (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

Miami Dolphins fans can’t catch a break when it comes to Tua Tagovailoa being replaced by another quarterback. Now, it’s Tom Brady again.

On the Rich Eisen Show, Eisen listed his top 5 rumors that he heard from the NFL Combine. For the most part, none were really all that interesting. For example, Phillip Rivers contacted both the Dolphins and the 49ers about playing late last year after each team’s QBs went down. Another, the Green Bay Packers don’t want Aaron Rodgers to come back but instead want to move him.

Then, there is his number one rumor, Tom Brady may not be done playing in the NFL. “Keep an eye on the Miami Dolphins” is what he heard.

To be honest, there is no way that Brady comes out of retirement to play for the Miami Dolphins unless Tua walks away from football or Tua gets injured during the season and Miami thinks he will miss extended time.

We discussed this very possibility back in early February. I still think it is the master “backup” plan should everything go south this year for Tua.

If nothing else, Brady may indeed remain retired but the speculation and rumors about him returning to the league, and the Dolphins will not go away.

Tua can’t catch a break and the Dolphins fanbase has about had enough of it as well. This has been ongoing since the day he entered the league. A player that most across NFL circles saw as the best QB in the 2020 draft until he was actually drafted. Since then, it has been a “who can Miami replace him with”.

Until Tua wins a Super Bowl, and even that might not save him from annual speculation of being moved, Tua will likely deal with this every year. So will the fans.

As for Tom Brady, I’m not sure anyone should have expected anything at all different. He lives in Miami now and Brady can say what he wants. The urge to keep playing is very strong. Sadly, if the Dolphins ever have to break that glass in case of an emergency, Tua’s season will be over. You don’t bring in Brady simply to caretake until he returns. Once that happens, Miami can’t go back until the next season.

Regardless, I can’t help but think that Brady is going to stay retired this year but then again, so did Brett Favre.