Miami Dolphins should turn attentions to their own FAs today

Miami Dolphins Andrew Van Ginkel Mandatory Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports
Miami Dolphins Andrew Van Ginkel Mandatory Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports /

As the NFL gears up for a whirlwind three days of negotiations, today is about teams like the Miami Dolphins bringing back their own FAs.

Legal tampering will begin today at 12:00 pm eastern and if NFL teams were smart, there will be no leaking of new deals until after the sun goes down, otherwise, everyone will know you have been tampering before the clock hit noon.

Teams can, however, negotiate with their own impending free agents and the Dolphins have 26 of them to make decisions on.

Miami won’t re-sign all of them but they will need to try and get at least half of them back. Why? To maintain continuity in some areas and to keep depth in others.

For the most part, the idea of new faces coming to Miami is exciting but at the same time, Miami has to realize that they can’t fill the roster with 26 new faces. They already have re-signed Salvon Ahmed and tendered Elijah Campbell. So who is next?

Miami could also use today to get some of their impending FAs for next season under contract extensions and new deals. Miami could extend Zach Sieler and Christian Wilkins and in doing so would create more cap room this year.

After the Jalen Ramsey trade on Sunday, Miami will need to create more room to operate with and fill in the roster. This is one reason that Miami may not be as active in free agency as some are hoping, at least not until they create more space.

All of it ramps up today when free agency’s three-day exploration window opens. Everything done between now and Wednesday will become official at 4:00 pm Wednesday afternoon.