Miami Dolphins looking for OT help is the news fans wanted to hear

Austin Jackson (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Austin Jackson (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Miami Dolphins fans have been hoping, banging their fists on the table for, offensive tackle help or at the very least competition. They may be getting it.

Chris Grier believes that Austin Jackson is the right man to hold the right tackle job but fans are not so sure. In an ideally perfect world, the Oline coaching change will make Jackson a Pro Bowl OT but this isn’t a perfect, ideal world. In reality, Jackson has a lot to show in his contract year and he needs competition.

That competition could be coming sooner rather than later as Barry Jackson is reporting that Miami is currently looking to add an offensive tackle and one name to watch is George Fant who has played for the Jets and Seattle.

Fant has starting experience and is consistent but he isn’t the big splash Dolphins fans were hoping for but he is what they should have expected.

Jackson says that Miami is exploring their options at the position. So far Jackson has been pretty spot on with what the Dolphins are doing so far in free agency.

Getting a right tackle and maybe at some point a guard is smart football. The Dolphins can’t rely 100% on Jackson and can not afford to go through the constant change they endured last year due to injuries and poor choices at depth.

Suprisingly, the Dolphins have yet to bring back Brandon Shell who played well in his time with Miami last year.

The Dolphins are in good cap position and have other moves they can make if they have to. The team has done well so far with their secondary on defense and re-signed their entire RB room but they still need TE, help at WR, LB, and of course, offensive line.

So far, free agency hasn’t been the expected spending spree around the league with teams being more cautious in their approach overall.

As for Barry Jackson, click on the embedded Tweet above to follow him on social media. He has been very accurate so far with his predictions and with what the Dolphins are doing.