Miami Dolphins lose both Gesicki and Morstead to AFC East rivals

Mike Gesicki Miami Dolpins (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)
Mike Gesicki Miami Dolpins (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) /

The Miami Dolphins have a new punter along with a new tight end but they lost Mike Gesicki and Thomas Morstead to division rivals.

First, the Dolphins added former New England Patriots Pro Bowl punter Jake Bailey. Only 25 years of age, Bailey has a Pro Bowl under his belt but he spent part of last season injured and then was mysteriously suspended by Bill Belichick. His agent filed a grievance over the incident.

Bailey will replace Thomas Morstead who was well-liked by his teammates and fans last season. Morstead announced today that he agreed to another NFL season. This time with the New York Jets.

Bailey signed a 4 year $13.5 million contract in August of last year but his suspension wiped that out allowing him to hit free agency. No one is clear on why he was suspended.

Morstead had no interest in retiring and wanted to continue his playing career. It didn’t take long to get a new deal and continue his play. It will be his 2nd stint with the Jets since leaving the Saints.

Morstead wasn’t the biggest news of the day, however. Mike Gesicki was signed by the New England Patriots. The one-year deal has a max of $9 million in earnings. The contract shows how thin the tight-end market has been thus far in free agency with no one getting top deals as some expected.

Miami signed free agent Eric Saubert two a deal that was “officially” announced by the team this afternoon.

Gesicki spent his entire NFL career with the Dolphins but clearly was not in the plans of Mike McDaniel who rarely used him last season. It will be interesting to see how the Patriots use him in their offense that has transitioned more to a run-first system.