Miami Dolphins work out Pro Bowl punter but need Morstead back instead

Thomas Morstead, Dolphins, NFL (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)
Thomas Morstead, Dolphins, NFL (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images) /

The Miami Dolphins are working out a Pro Bowl punter today but they really should just stick with Thomas Morstead instead and be done with it.

Jake Bailey is only 25 years old and is a Pro Bowl punter. He spent his 4 NFL seasons with the Patriots and last year was injured and then suspended by Bill Belichick for unknown reasons. He has a big leg but what the Dolphins really need is a quality, consistent, and healthy punter who puts in the work every single day. Thomas Morstead is that guy.

Morstead is looking to sign on to a team for what would be his 16th NFL season and he would love to stay with the Miami Dolphins but he knows that call needs to come from them. There was mutual interest when the season ended.

Bailey trying out for the team doesn’t mean the Dolphins will sign him. It’s a tryout. They will likely discuss contract paramaters but signing him isn’t necessarily a foregone conclusion.

Chris Grier and Danny Crossman should do their due diligence and when Bailey leaves the facility, they should pick up the phone and call Morstead.

Next. Thomas Morstead wants to come back to Miami. dark

In 2022, Morstead was incredibly consistent. He played for the veteran league minumum and gave the Dolphins a flipped field almost every time he kicked the ball.

Will Morstead be back in 2023? That’s between Morstead, his agent, and the Dolphins but he wants to play, we know this because we asked him. It’s not a matter of if but with who and the Dolphins make a lot of sense, more than Jake Bailey if we are being honest.