Moves the Miami Dolphins haven’t made on their roster, good or bad

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The Miami Dolphins gave Cedrick Wilson, Jr. a horrible contract…for the Dolphins. They need to fix that if they can.

Wilson’s productivity last season was nowhere close to what the Dolphins were paying him. This year, his salary is so bad that Miami couldn’t trade him if they tried and rumors around the league suggested they were trying.

Releasing Wilson would save the Miami Dolphins $1 million but would leave a $7 million hit in dead money. He will count $8 million against the cap this year. Told you it wasn’t great. Miami either needs to find a way to split the dead money and move him or find a way to use him on the field.

If there is any good news about this deal, in 2024 it flips and Miami will save over $7 million but that won’t help the team this year.

The Dolphins could restructure his contract and ask him to take a pay cut. He likely wouldn’t agree to that and the Dolphins really shouldn’t restructure him because that only makes subsequent years worse and since there is only one year left on his deal, everything would push to next season where he likely won’t be around.

Adding another year to his deal could help reduce this year’s cap considerably but at some point, Miami is going to eat his contract unless they allow it to play out until after the season and walk away next year with only $1 million in dead money.