Trent Sherfield moves on to Buffalo but didn’t diss Tua in the process

Tua Tagovailoa Trent Sherfield
Tua Tagovailoa Trent Sherfield /

The Miami Dolphins lost another player to a division rival as wide receiver Trent Sherfield signed a one-year deal but did he take a swipe at Tua Tagovailoa?

In 2022, Sherfield surprised a lot of fans by one, making the final 53-man roster, and two, outshining expensive fellow receiver Cedrick Wilson…by a large margin.

The market for Sherfield wasn’t high but he is banking on himself by signing a one-year deal with Miami’s division rival, the Buffalo Bills. Sherfield joins Mike Gesicki as an ex-Dolphins on a one-year contract with a division rival. The Patriots added Gesicki last week.

The news of Sherfield’s new job was met with the typical Miami Dolphins fan reactions. Wishing him well enough except when he plays Miami but fans are raising some eyebrows by what Sherfield said about joining the Bills.

Naturally, Sherfield’s comments are about Josh Allen but some are taking this as a big swipe at Tua Tagovailoa. Well, the Tuanons are taking it as a swipe.

The reality is much more believable. Sherfield, it has been reported wanted to return to the Dolphins but Miami didn’t offer a deal comparable or for all we know, at all. It could have been a “we will get back with you” type of conversation and Sherfield didn’t want to wait.

In 2022, Sherfield had the best season of his entire NFL career posting a career-high 30 receptions in a single season, eclipsing his previous high of 19 that came in his 2018 rookie season. He also eclipsed a single-season high in yardage with 417, again his highest since 210 in 2018.

Sherfield also scored two touchdowns, one more than in any other single season. So why would he take a swipe at Tua? He didn’t and if he did, well, that isn’t showing much class. Last year, Sherfield seemed to be a pretty team-oriented and classy player. Miami fans should take it as being happy with a new deal with a top-five quarterback and leave it at that.

It will be interesting to see how Sherfield plays out in Buffalo who have a pretty good offensive system and a good wide receiver group. Posting similar numbers to last year might not be too hard but clearly, he is playing on a deal that he believes will showcase him to the rest of the NFL in the hopes of getting a security deal in, a longer deal than one year.