3 running backs I’d love to see the Miami Dolphins end up drafting

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It’s a bit of a pipedream but if this guy is here in the 2nd round, the Miami Dolphins would be wise to have a discussion.

Zach Charbonnet is the kind of running back I would love to see paired with the running backs the Miami Dolphins currently have. Raheem Mostert and Jeff Wilson Jr. are guys that are fast and quicker backs. Charbonnet has wiggle to him but he is more of shoulders square to the line of scrimmage, downhill runner who has the ability to break it outside.

At the combine, Charbonnet came in at 6’0, 214LBS. Not a wrecking ball type of guy but a guy who prefers to start his work inside the tackles.

His stats last year are excellent as you would imagine but to me, the best stat he has is his 7.0 average. Give me guys who always go forward.

At UCLA, they ran a spread zone offense that has many similarities to what the Dolphins ran last year. Miami’s wide-zone philosophy is predicated on the lineman comboing and getting to the second level while the running back is often looking to see what the widest defender on the line of scrimmage is doing. He’s not looking for a particular hole, he’s looking to see if that defender is jumping out wide or crashing inside. Whatever that guy does, the running back should be doing the opposite because that’s where daylight should be. Run to daylight, that’s the idea.

From the games I remember watching late on Saturday nights, Zach Charbonnet stood out as a guy who was always gaining ground and never hesitating. Charbonnet reacts quickly, puts his foot in the ground, and gets upfield in a hurry. That’s what running the ball for the Dolphins is all about.

I realize that just about every guy’s highlights are going to look awesome but I try and convert what I see on the tape to what they can do for the Miami Dolphins.

I think Zach Charbonnet translates very well to what the Dolphins ask out of their running backs. He might even be able to add a bit compared to who is in the backfield in Miami right now. I like how, if needed, he can be a short-yardage guy. Would he be Lousaka Polite? No. But he is very capable due to his wide frame.

He can catch the ball well enough for an offense that doesn’t too often throw the running backs which is what Miami did last year.

I honestly don’t think Zach Charbonnet will be there at 51. His stock is rising but who knows maybe he slides? It’s the draft. No one really has a firm handle on where most guys are going to end up.

If he is there at 51, I think a conversation should be had about whether or not to take him. If they ultimately decide to fill a more pressing need, I get it. I just love this kids’ game.