Tyreek Hill sends Chiefs a fun warning ahead of 2023 Dolphins match-up

Tyreek Hill Miami Dolphins (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Tyreek Hill Miami Dolphins (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

The Miami Dolphins will travel to Kansas City to face the Chiefs in 2023 and already, Tyreek Hill is talking the game up with a little warning.

Hill was on a podcast recently and made it clear that when his new team faces his old team, “They know what we gonna do!”

Hill, who spent his entire career in K.C. before last year’s trade to Miami clearly is excited about the prospect of going back home to a team that he is very familiar with. He says he knows the signals and tells them they better change them.

Friendly banter between Hill and his former teammates or bulleting board material instead? You be the judge.

The game indeed is going to have a lot of hype prior to the start and the week leading into it should be a lot of fun or a lot of Hill soundbites at the least.

Hill also made a few waves this week while at an autograph signing when a guy wearing a Browns jersey approached him for a signature. Hill said he wanted to go to Cleveland and followed that with a “They should have paid me” remark.

Was this a joke for a guy wearing another team’s gear or was Hill serious? We may never truly know as the Browns were not a team considered a landing spot for Hill last season. The Browns had spent a lot of draft capital and even more money to land Deshaun Watson so they probably didn’t have much to work with.

Regardless, Tyreek Hill remains an outspoken athlete who doesn’t stop smiling when he talks and that tends to give his banter and trash-talking a more fun vibe. As he said in the video, he doesn’t want to give the “Chiefs” the peace-sign but he is going to have to.