3 middle linebackers I’d love for the Miami Dolphins to draft

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Jack Campbell on the Miami Dolphins would be so far more than solid.

Having Jack Campbell on my list of inside linebackers(I feel like I’m leaning inside over middle) that I would love the Miami Dolphins to draft is basically the equivalent of Do you even lift? I don’t think you can have an inside backer list without including Jack Campbell.

First off, the name Jack might be the strongest name there is. If you’re named Jack, you are not to be trifled with. Secondly, Jack Campbell is a linebacker from the Big 10 which is like receivers from the SEC. I automatically believe you’re ahead of the curve.

But Campbell is an excellent player that I think you can plug in on day one and just about forget about it. Yes, mistakes will probably be made but you get the point. If you have Jack Campbell on your team, even the Dolphins, he will be on the field sooner than later.

Jack Campbell is coming off a season where he won the Butkus Award for the nation’s top linebacker. He’s graded out as one of the top linebackers on the board, which isn’t much of a surprise to anyone.

What I love the most about Campbell is that he plays a position that is largely based on instincts and he uses his instincts as well as anyone I’ve seen come out at the inside linebacker position in years. Jack isn’t going to blow you away with freak athletic feats that jump off the page like he’s Jevon Kearse or anything. But he’s going to be in the right position and use that 6th, no 7th sense to make a play that can change the game.

My favorite play is at the 8:30 mark. Jack reads CJ Stroud’s eyes and drops into coverage after flowing to his left knowing a crossing receiver should be headed to a voided area to his right and undercuts the ball for a pick. That’s extremely hard to do.

I don’t know if Jack Campbell will be there at 51. Miami, I think, would have to trade up for him. I don’t know if they would end up giving assets to move up. But if they end up with Jack Campbell, they would be getting a football player that will be there for about 6-8 years. It’s hard to pass up on guys that are that likely to do that.