3 middle linebackers I’d love for the Miami Dolphins to draft

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Nick Herbig has a game that plays in today’s NFL and the Miami Dolphins could use some of that.

If you want to make the case that I’m biased toward the BIG 10 because I myself went to PSU, you could do that I guess. I wouldn’t do that but you have the right to do that.

Nick Herbig, a guy I saw a good amount of because of all the BIG 10 I consume, is the kind of player that can do well in the NFL. At the combine, Herbig ran a 4.65 while weighing 240 lbs. The thing is, Herbig added about 20 LBs from when the season ended to when the combine started.

I love how Herbig moves laterally does what his job is supposed to do. He played mostly at defensive end but he was also lined up in the second level of the defense. You can say that he was used more at outside linebacker than anything due to his athleticism. That’s fair to say. It’s also fair to say that due to his dimensions and playmaking ability, he will be sort of a hybrid-type player. That tells me that he is versatile. I think something Vic Fangio like is guys who can play multiple positions if needed.

The other thing that is very underrated about Nick Herbig is his ability to cover guys. He’s mostly known as a pass rusher but he is very capable of holding his own when it comes to covering guys like tight ends and backs out of the backfield.

If you watch those highlights, and you should, you see a player that is physical and who loves to wield it. He brings the pain and it’s fun to watch.