3 middle linebackers I’d love for the Miami Dolphins to draft

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Dorian Williams is a later-round guy that the Miami Dolphins could use.

Athleticism is what Dorian Williams is all about. He ran a 4.49 at the combine and has a wing span that measures at 6-foot-8. That’s really long and it’s something that translates to the NFL especially when inside backers are being asked to guard the seams as often as they are in today’s game.

Since Dorian got to Tulane, he converted from safety to middle backer. That transition also had him gain 30 LBs to his frame. This means, to me, that he still has that ability to cover guys all over the field while also being able to get his nose dirty up near the line of scrimmage. We need guys like that.

The knock on Williams is that he doesn’t diagnose plays as fast as you want him to as well as having some trouble with shedding blocks. I think those are things he can learn to get better at. Make no mistake, Dorian Williams is not a guy that you’re drafting to start any time soon.

He’s a guy who you know will be quite good on special teams that might turn into a rotational defensive player down the road.

I think given his athletic ability and the fact that he can play on special teams, taking Dorian Williams somewhere on day 3 isn’t a move that most would be shocked by.

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