1 key question for each AFC East team heading into 2024

The AFC East could be a three-team race in 2024, but who stands out?
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

When the 2024 season begins, the AFC East is going to be a free for all, but each team has their own set of questions that need answering. Some of those questions are easier to answer than others. Here is a look at the four biggest questions for each team in the Miami Dolphins' division.

New England Patriots

A new head coach, general manager, and starting quarterback will begin the task of turning around the Patriots. Gone are Bill Belichick and Mac Jones, and now, former Patriots defender Jerod Mayo takes over. That's right, 2024 will be his first year as a head coach on any level. It isn't easy making the transition and while he may have the players buying into what he is teaching, Bob Kraft is hoping he will bring some of what he learned from Belichick to the sidelines.

Mayo will immediately be more relaxed than Belichick, but his expectations for the players won't be. His approach will be different, and that could be both good and bad for a developing team. The biggest question is, what can Mayo do at your house? He has to set the tone for the future, and he has to have his players ready to rock regardless of how well they play. He will be under the microscope, but this is a team that should be a lock for last place in the division.

Miami Dolphins

There is no bigger question than whether or not Tua Tagovailoa can beat good teams. This year, he has to find a way to take the next step and become that quarterback who can shoulder the team on his back. Miami's schedule is favorable in the first half of the season, but by by Thanksgiving, that turns to a six-game stretch against playoff-bound teams, and if Tua can't lead Miami through that brutal stretch that also includes three cold-weather games, Miami will be outside looking in for the postseason and another miss of the AFC East division title.

New York Jets

There is only one question for New York - will Aaron Rodgers stay healthy to make an impact? The Jets will only go as far as Rodgers takes them. They don't have a suitable option behind him to make a playoff run. With Rodgers, they have a legit shot to challenge for the AFC East, but without him, they are looking at a .500 season and head coach Robert Saleh may not survive that kind of year.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills underwent a lot of changes this offseason. The defense was decimated by cuts, and the offense wasn't left intact either. The biggest question for the Bills is whether they can survive without Stefon Diggs. Last year, Diggs was only part of the overall offensive equation, and the Bills played better without relying on him as much down the stretch. They also had other WRs that were more than capable. Now, those WRs are gone as well. Without Diggs, the Bills offense is going to change and they do not have a threat on the outside that will warrant double coverage. If they can't find that, Josh Allen is going to struggle.