10 best players on the Miami Dolphins 2023 training camp roster

The Miami Dolphins have a lot of talent on their roster. Both sides of the ball boast quality players that can take opposing teams to task but these are the best 10 on the Dolphins roster.

Jun 6, 2023; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins cornerback Jalen Ramsey (5) stretches during
Jun 6, 2023; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins cornerback Jalen Ramsey (5) stretches during / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Terron Armstead

Coming in at number 10, Terron Armstead makes the top 10 but he comes with an asterisk. When he is healthy, Armstead is easily in the top 5 discussion but his problem is simply, he can't stay healthy long enough to make the impact he should be able to make.

Jaelan Phillips

Phillips has the chance to start climbing this list. He has all the talent in the world and continues to develop. He is in position to take a big step in 2023 under Vic Fangio and if he does, he will become a nationally known edge-rusher.

Bradley Chubb

Chubb is on this list more for his career contributions than his impact on the Dolphins last year. He has the ability to be great and a reunification with Fangio should help. On paper, he is easily a top 5 player on the roster but Miami doesn't play games on paper.

Jevon Holland

Is this too high for Holland? Maybe a little but Holland continues to display the physicality and leadership you want from a deep safety and this year, he could explode on the national stage.

Xavien Howard

There was a time that Howard was the best player on the team, period. That has changed. Not so much because of the additions of several others but because his game is starting to regress from year to year. Still, he remains an incredible force when he is pared with another top CB, and he is this year.

Jaylen Waddle

If it were not for some ill-timed dropped passes, Waddle would be higher in this ranking but he can be a little inconsistent and at times doesn't seem to be 100% focused. That being said, the other 99% of the time he is.

Tua Tagovailoa

Some will argue that Tua is too high while others will argue his being ranked 4th is absolute trash. Much in the way both sides attack everything about Tua, I'm sure some will have a big opinion on this one. The truth is, until Tua stays healthy for an entire season, it doesn't matter how much talent he has. He is a top on the Dolphins roster but if can't stick on the field, his talent won't matter from the sidelines.

Jalen Ramsey

Ramsey is ranked incredibly high around the league compared to other corners but in Miami, he is the third best player on the team. Yes, I think he is going to be great in his return to Florida. He will make Xavien Howard better and vice-versa. Going to be a fun year to watch Miami's secondary.

Christian Wilkins

Admittedly, Wilkins is my favorite player currently on the roster so maybe this is a tad bias. What I do see in Wilkins is something that you don't see in other positions. He takes over plays in the trench and forces offenses to play differently. He can collapse a pocket and posted 100 tackles last season. He is physical, fun, and plays a vital role in the Dolphins defense with no inconsistencies in his game.

Tyreek Hill

If there was a question as to who the best player was on the roster, right now, it wouldn't be much of a question. Tyreek Hill is the backbone to the Dolphins offense and his play on the field is important to the success of the offense. You could argue that he isn't nearly as effective without Tua but I would also point to decisions made by Mike McDaniel with his play calling when Tua was out.

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