10 Worst Trades In Miami Dolphins History

The Miami Dolphins have had some pretty bad trades but some of these go beyond being simply bad.

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Josh Rosen
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  • Number 10 - 2019: Miami acquires Josh Rosen for  2019 2nd round pick and 2020 5th rounder

When Brian Flores took over, he depleted the Miami Dolphins roster to its bare bones.  With that being said, the Dolphins lacked a true quarterback.  Josh Rosen was the 10th overall selection in the first round once upon a time.  But the hype surrounding him never played out, which led him to be traded multiple times.  Enter the Dolphins who once again decided that Rosen would be worth a 2nd round pick (a theme we will see later on).  

Rosen Dolphins career can be summed one in one word - non-existent.  Rosen played for maybe 5 minutes and never played or produced any memorable moments that would make you think he earned that second round draft selection.   With the drama surrounding Rosen, his career in MIami was very short lived, as Ryan Fitzpatrick took control of the starting duties and never handed it back.  Rosen was eventually released and his MIami Dolphins career never actually got started.

Minkah Fitzpatrick
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  • Number 9 - 2019: Miami acquires 2020 1st round, 5th and 6th.  Traded away Minak Fitzpatrick 4th round and 7th round

Complete the tank was the mantra when this trade was made during the 2019 season.  Minak Fitzpatrick was a  talented player that was drafted 11th overall in the 2018 draft.  This was the type of player that you would build around not throw away.  I get what the Miami Dolphins were trying to do, but this trade hurt based on two reasons:

  • Minkah was still developing.  He hated the way Brian Flores was using him in his system.  Post trade review, you can see Minkah turning into an elite Free Safety and was ranked in the top 100 players in the NFL 3 years in a row.  The Dolphins failed to listen to this player and understand how to use him.  Rather they tried to put a square peg in a circle hole and hoped it worked.
  • The return that the Dolphins received from the Steelers makes you shake your head.  Think about this for a second, Jamaal Adams being traded to the Seahawk from the Jets.  The Jets received a 2021 first-round draft pick, a 2021 third-rounder, a 2022 first-rounder.
  • Last point  -  another wasted 1st round pick.  The Dolphins used that selection to draft Austin Jackson, when Justin Jefferson, or Jamal Taylor was still available.