10 Worst Trades In Miami Dolphins History

The Miami Dolphins have had some pretty bad trades but some of these go beyond being simply bad.

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Number 6,5 and 4 I’m gonna group together, as they all look tried to solve the same problem - which was the Miami Dolphins  trying to trade for a legit Wide Receiver

  • Number 6 - 2004: The Miami Dolphins acquired former Pro Bowl receiver David Boston from San Diego for a sixth-round draft choice in 2005
  • Number 5 - 2010: Dolphins acquire WR Brandon Marshall from Denver for two 2nd-round picks
  • Number 4 - 2016: Miami acquires 2016 3rd round pick for Leonte Caroo for 2017, 3,4, 6th round pick
David Boston
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Number 6 - I loved it when the Miami Dolphins traded for David Boston.  Boston was a beast in Arizona, and in San Diego he was benched and in the coaches dog house.  When Miami made this move, a lot of fans speculated that this was the trade that would give Miami a legit wide receiver to finally pair with Chris Chambers and open up the running game and the middle of the field.  

What happened - nothing. Boston was suspended for steroids.  Then when he got on the field, tore his ACL.  Back to back disappointments.  This led to the Dolphins cutting Boston, but feeling sorry for him re-signed him to a vet minimum.  He lasted 5 games and then never dawned the aqua and teal again.

Brandon Marshall, Derek Cox
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Number 5 - Brandon Marshall was and still is one of my favorite Miami Dolphins players at all time based on his play on the field.  The downside, his play or better yet his mental health was always a challenge for his off field dramatics.  Marshall was a special player that Miami wanted to pair with Chad Henne.  Allowing Henne to develop with a star caliber player.  Marshall's first year was nothing short of a success story.  However, the honeymoon was short lived, with disputes with his wife, drama in the locker room, confrontations with his quarterback, coaches and other players.

All of this tainted the image of Brandon Marshall's Miami Dolphins career.  Which is disappointing based on his performance on the field.  The Dolphins had no choice but to trade Marshall to Chicago and recouped two third round selections.  Retrospectively looking at this trade and Marshall's future state now, I’m happy to see him working with the NFL and players about bipolar syndrome and creating awareness around the NFL.

Chris Laviano, Justin Goodwin
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Number 4 - Trading for Leonte Caroo.  This trade never made sense, and the feeling was that the Dolphins had to jump in front of the New England Patriots if they wanted to secure this player.  In my eyes, the Dolphins have to stop thinking about what other teams are doing and just focus on themselves.  

Caroo was terrible. There is nothing else left to say.  He barely made it onto the field and when he did his play never justified his draft capital.  Evident by the fact that no other team selected him when he was cut by the Dolphins after a 4 game suspension to start the season.