10 Worst Trades In Miami Dolphins History

The Miami Dolphins have had some pretty bad trades but some of these go beyond being simply bad.
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Another wave of wasted 2nd round picks, but these two hurt the worse...

  • Number 3 - 2004 - Feeley was traded to the Miami Dolphins in exchange for Miami's 2005 second round pick
  • Number 2 -2006: Dolphins acquire QB Daunte Culpepper from Minnesota for a 2nd-round pick
A.j. Feeley
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Number 3  - The Dolphins had Jay Fielder and every fan knew what Jay brought to the table.  Which was and is the definition of a game manager.  He would never win the game for you, but he would do his best not to lose it.  For some reason the Dolphins front office thought the world of AJ Feeley and decided to throw away a 2nd round pick for him.  During Training Camp, Feeley could never beat out Fielder.  Then the whole Ricky Williams drama happened, which followed the 1-15 season.  Nick Saban then joined the team, named Feeley the starter for 5 mins, then switched his tune when he saw Feeley play and signed Gus Frerotte.  Feeley’s days were numbered and was traded for a bag of Lemons, Cle Lemons that is shortly thereafter. 

Duante Culpepper
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Number 2 - This was supposed to be the year that Miami finally solved their quarterback carousel that plagued this team since 13 retired.  Nick Saban, the best coach in college football history was supposed to right the ship.  He built a defense that looked legit.  Won nine games with a makeshift team and a 30 year old concussion quarterback.  This was his second official offseason where he would make his imprint on the team for decades to come.  Saban's decision, was to pass on free agent Drew Brees and waste another second right pick on Duante Culpepper.

Dolphins fans across the country and in my case the world, lost it!  Brees went on to sign with New Orleans for a modest 10MM cap hit per year, and eventually lead the Saints to their first championship ever.  Saban left after one season with Culpepper and has never been seen on NFL sidelines again. 

Culpepper never really recovered from his injuries and ping ponged around the league for a few seasons.  This trade set the Dolphins back to square one, and the what if scenarios started to trickle through time.  Even writing this, leaves me with a disgusted tear in my eye.